Highly Trained Canines for any situation

More feet on the ground increase the effectiveness at the point of impact. K9s are a force multiplier.

How Our Law Enforcement K9's Operate

We are leaders in protective dog and handler training for the US Military, law enforcement and protective organizations. We train K9s of different breeds and abilities for our clients, with certifications in bite work, tracking and detection. Our master trainers are certified by the United States Police Canine Association and we train to their standards. We provide the same level of K9s to law enforcement and private security forces around the world.

Learn more about our law enforcement and military K9’s below and contact us today. Reliance International Protection is proud to provide our clients with protection dog services.

Certified Trainers in the Field

Our master trainers are certified by the United States Police Canine Association and we provide high quality, highly trained canines that give their best effort in the line of duty. Our canines fight to the end and will never be overcome by fear. They are trained both physically and mentally to ensure they are not a ticking bomb, meaning they are family friendly. Our dogs only attack when needed and rest in the meantime.

Different Breeds Providing a Variety of Services

Like humans, every dog, and even every breed, is different, That is why we enlist each breed with tasks that best suit their abilities and skills. Rottweilers prove to be a good guard dogs but the nose of a Bloodhound is second best to none.All of our dogs have received conduct and behavior training; however, each dog we have us utilized to its own particular ability.

Highly Trained K9's Provide Security

A dog is such a noble animal and companion that it is willing to risk its life before letting anything happen to you. Such innocence and courage enhances their ability to serve and protect people. Along with high intelligence and obedience, dogs are also highly efficient. Our dogs are on high alert at all times and can literally smell danger from hundreds of meters away.

USPCA Training Standards

The United States Police Canine Association excels and prides itself in providing highly trained dogs. The guard and service dogs trained here are the very best, as we adhere to the standards of the USPCA. Each dog is both psychologically trained and socially intelligent in order to provide the best service possible to our clients.

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