Intuitive Protection K9's Just for You

Companions and tireless defenders, K9s are your first line of defense. Your friend by nature, your defender by training.

How Our Personal Protection K9's Operate

Our team specializes in training canines for personal and executive protection, and our dogs are among the most obedient, intuitive and well-trained protectors in the world. We train our personal and executive protection dogs to the same standards as the dogs we provide to military and law enforcement. Our dogs are trained to be safe and social in any environment. They are members of the family. They are loyal, lovable, fearless and will protect until their last breath.

Learn more about our personal and executive protection K9’s below and contact us today. From private citizens seeking at-home or on-site protection, to executives and public figures seeking mobile protection in any environment, we provide a level of protection that only a trained and capable protection dog can provide.

K9's Trained to the Highest Standards

We bring out the maximum potential in every dog because we believe that each dog has a purpose. We make sure every dog feels fulfilled by challenging them as much as we can and train them to be the best. Our dogs will never let you down in terms of safety and security. Our dogs love to work and enjoy every minute of it.

Obediently Social & Safe

A dog not only needs to be obedient and physically fit but they also need to learn how to adapt into society. An aggressive dog is no less dangerous than an aggressor and that is why we ensure our dogs are socially trained as well. We teach them to be playful when needed and to be an aggressive if the situation calls for it.

Working Members of the Family

Our dogs are not just soldiers or slaves that take orders 24 hours per day. We provide them with love and care, they are members of a family and we are lucky to have them in our lives. A dog provides you with unconditional love and never holds grudges.

Loyal, Lovable & Fearless

Dogs are one the most loyal and courageous animals and here Reliance International Protection, we train our dogs to be sensitive as well as harsh. Our dogs love to play with people but also know when it is time to work. Take advantage of these amazing creatures and let them bring you the happiness and joy that you desire, while providing extra security to you and your family.

Contact us with any questions

Reliance International Protection is here to serve you! Give us a call at (303) 881-8774 or fill out this form with any questions or concerns you may have for our team. We will respond to you as soon as possible!