With Our K9's the nose knows

Increase your team's effectiveness and accuracy during with a commercial detection K9 and bring efficient closure to the mission at hand

How Our Commercial Detecction K9's Operate

Dark Knight recently joined forces with Reliance International Protection, to better serve our clients and the growing demand for canine detection services in Colorado and nationwide.

We provide specialized commercial detection training to sniffing dogs and their handlers, with detection specialties ranging from narcotics to explosives. Our handlers and master trainers have over 20 years of combined experience in narcotics and explosive detection. They have done detection work ranging from schools and medical facilities to explosive detection in war zones.

Learn more about our commercial detection K9’s below and contact us today. Reliance International Protection is proud to provide our clients with detection dog services.

Certified Trained K9 Sniffers

The US military spent almost 19 billion dollars to develop a device that could detect better than a dog. A trained dog's nose was decisively more accurate and efficient, and that is the reason we provide any company or individual with access to commercial detection services for narcotics or explosives.

Providing K9's for a Variety of Industries

A heightened sense of security and peace of mind come with the responsibilities of handling a commercial detection canine. We supply dogs for purchase for local, state and federal contracts, but we can also supply the handlers for detection services as well. Whether you need a K9 for a residential, business or school sniff, Reliance International Protection has the dog you need!

Drug Detection Services

Our drug detecting dogs are trained to locate the odor of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and other designer drugs and commonly abused prescription drugs. There are many ways to conceal drugs but a K9 has the innate ability that no human has; a nose that’s 1000’s of time more powerful than our own!

Explosive Device Detection Services

Our K9's have been specifically trained to detect explosive devices and alert their handlers when they sniff one out. Ask any K9 handler about their dog’s amazing ability and you will never hear the end of their amazing stories; from finding an explosive hidden in amongst dummy devices to finding a person under tons of ruble after a major disaster.

Bed Bug Detection Services

Bed bugs are an increasing problem, both in urban and rural areas. Their miniature size makes them difficult to detect. Everyone from private home owners to commercial building managers want accurate and efficient methods to get rid of this fastidious pest. Our canines find bed bugs more efficiently than any machine or contractor you can find.

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